Friday, April 1, 2011

Ode To Weary Moms of Teens

  The Woes of a Mother with Teenagers
Rolling eyes
And a slamming door
What used to be fun is such a bore.

“Love you mom”
 said once a year
But “Whatever mom!” is loud and clear.

It doesn’t seem possible
                                           That someone could stay
                                               Grumpy and grouchy all week and all day

But my teenage sons
Would find something to bash
Even if handed some serious cash.

It starts in the morning
The teen age huff
In a rage as they leave the car with their stuff.

The auto door clunks
And I feel like a fool
‘cause only the air hears my “Do well in school!”

I remind myself
Every minute after minute
A teen’s mind is full of hormones in it.

The hormones coursing
Makes them irrational--crazy
Unpredictable, surly and of course—plain LAZY

And OH how they eat
Those teen boys of mine.
On the food in the cupboards they constantly dine!
Grocery bills sky high
Pantry full of chips, soda, sweets
Yet daily we hear, “There’s nothing to eat!”

Homework?  Who Cares!
As my boys would surely say
Xbox is important and it gets in the way.

Cleaning done blindly
Overlooking the squalor
Exclaiming, “I’ll do it, if you give me a dollar!”

Relief? Is it coming?
Is it just down the road?
‘Cause the constant worry, I’ll admit is a load.

Life shouldn’t be rushed.
But I’m afraid I’ll erupt!
So adulthood where are you?  Please hurry up!


  1. Love it! And live it girl . With a 21 year old that still is not sure footed and completely on his own and a 16 year old turning 17 this month who thinks girls and games are the most important thing in life at this moment I hold on to hope. Hang in there the rewards are sure to come. Just thInk, we were there once driving our parents insane. LOL. Keep up the good work.


  2. cute!!! though foreboding towards my future lol!!

  3. Like I said on Facebook...I am impressed that you gave it a try. I can not write poetry or understand poetry. You did great though, and I understood it!!

    Nice job you!

    ~ Helen Nutter

  4. Phew! I thought it was just my kids! ; )

  5. Happy Friday I am a new follower from the bloggy moms and I look forward to following your blog!...Hope u can come by for a visit!

  6. AWESOME! You gave such a good depiction. My mom is so going through that with my baby bro.

  7. My husband would give you 4 out of 4 Stars! He always complains my poetry doesn't rhyme - LOL.I have always heard teenage boys come back around when they turn 19. It did with my first son. My second one is coming around just in time:) That doesn't make it any easier though!

    BTW - I love Poetry:)

  8. I wanted a girl so so badly when I was pregnant and was so happy to get one. But I don't want to deal with teenage years! I remember how I treated my own mother! Augh!

  9. Very good! Not too long ago I was the young teenage girl in this poem, now... I have a 12 year old who is just getting started. I never thought the words "one day you'll thank me" would come out of my mouth but believe it or not it slips out almost on a daily basis. Great poem!!

  10. Love your blog...and sense of humor. I look forward to being your new follower =)

  11. Love this.

    I just gave your blog an award.

  12. Have you been spying on my life?! My son will be 15 in 10 days and he's racking up every teen cliche he can this week in preparation! I know he's not the 1st teen boy ever & not the last. But Lord mercy help me!

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)

  13. No teens, yet, and totally dreading the day my girls become one!! Yikes! Love the honesty of your site! Visit mine...

  14. Brilliant! Love your blog. I am a new follower from Bloggy Moms! You are gifted writer...can't wait to see what is next.

  15. Thank you for your email...I'm just now venturing into my profile on Bloggy Moms. I'm now following you.

    This is a great poem btw...